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I am an independent Forage and Livestock Agrologist working from Central Alberta with 20+ years’ experience.

I am a 5th generation Alberta farmer with a small operation that I supplement with various contracts. Over the years I have amassed and extensive network of expertise and an incredible library of information. I love to delve deep into research and look for practical ways to apply it on farm. If I don’t know something off the top of my head, I know someone or somewhere I can find it out.


Research at the AAFC station in Lacombe has concluded that western Canadian forage resources are not positioned to support the livestock industry going forward. 80% of the feed needed to raise a beef animal comes from forage and it appears we are at a tipping point. Compounding this issue is that 90% of forages are never traded commercially, so are never given a cash value. Since most on farm decisions are cash decisions, many producers do not invest in the fertility, weed control and grazing management needed to maintain high pasture productivity. The sorry state of our forage resource is the result.

What I Can Help You With

For Farmers

  • Forage variety selection (annual and perennial)
  • Establishment planning/troubleshooting
  • Pasture Rejuvenation
  • Grazing management

For Farmers

  • Poisonous plant ID
  • Sheep/goat grazing
  • Feed testing and ration balancing
  • Soil testing and analysis
  • Weed ID/Control/Management

For Associations

  • Grant applications
  • Research project reviews
  • Project management/coordination

For Associations

  • Policy/position papers
  • Government/Agency advocacy
  • Forage extension materials and presentations

Providing High Quality
Forsage Management


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Latest News & Articles

Check out some of my in depth articles that I have published, I have the resources and expertise to help you establish and/or manage your forsage resources.

I Care About Our Agriculture Growth

Data collected in the AgriProfits program shows that the top 1/3 most profitable cattle operations intensively manage their forage resources and are disciplined to add inputs or change management to maintain pasture/forage productivity. The number one biggest expense for any livestock operation is feed, and forage is generally the most economical source of feed. Being intentional about managing your forage resources is key to profitability. 



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    I have the resources and expertise to help you establish and/or manage your forage resources.